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Gaydons Motor Spares (GMS), an automotive spares wholesaler, is a force to be reckoned within the motor industry. Our primary focus is on the very essence of quality and reliability, offered to you at the right price, all the while concentrating on service excellence. With 23 years of unrivaled experience, our team of professionals and national distribution infrastructure is able to provide our clients with exceptional, unmatched service at all times.
Our competitive advantage in this field is operational excellence – the process where we concentrate on combining our skills and assets into a personalised service, aimed at meeting all our customer's individual needs. This allows us to deliver the highest levels of service whilst maintaining our cost competitiveness.
GMS offers a formidable range of components, parts, auto electrical parts and accessories across the wholesale and resale sectors of the Automotive Spares Industry. We supply the Motor Industry with leading brands that are manufactured locally in South Africa, thereby ensuring we always have stock available to you. These brands are supplemented with a wide range of products from approved global suppliers.
Simply put, we link strategy, people and process to deliver operational excellence within the Wholesale Motor Industry. With the continued growth in customer demand and the competitive environment becoming ever fiercer, offering great and excellent customer-service is at the heart of all we do, helping us to dominate our competitors in the future.


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Address: 63 Milne Street
Durban 4001
South Africa
Tel: 031 319 4000
Fax: 031 368 1620
Email: info@gaydons.co.za


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